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Oil Spill Response
Oil Spill Training, Education and Consulting
The best indicator to the effectiveness and efficiency of a cleanup is whether or not there is appropriate containment, control & stabilization from the beginning of the response. We believe training, education and experience are essential for a safe, effective and efficient response and restoration project. In addition to our other services, we can help you efficiently manage sites as well as specify equipment for purchase and assist with implementation of skills and tactics for responders.

GeoTactical Response Plans™ (GTRP™)
Not another "plan" but a detailed, user friendly plan that provides tactical protection for specific locations should a spill or release occur. Our GTRP™ provide comprehensive protection tactics from a boots-on-the-ground perspective which is where it really matters. Items included are GTRP™ summary, incident action priorities, site data sheets, MSDS, maps including site overview, topographic, river charts, ESCO produced Job Aids, response options, methods, habitats and shoreline types, sensitivity maps and tables for sites within the location, countermeasure and equipment summaries and other miscellaneous site documents. Simply put, our GTRP's provide tactical protection for specific locations.

Permanent Anchor Systems
When a spill or release occurs, time is critical. Containing a spill rapidly and effectively is especially critical to the overall speed, environmental impact and cost of the response and restoration. Pre-installed and maintained anchor systems for booming operations allows for rapid containment of oil, regardless of the responder's level of experience or knowledge of the impact area.

Our permanent anchor systems, regardless of the environment protected (streams, rivers, ditches, concrete channels, sewers, etc.), will speed deployment, ensure the location is effective (containment, deflection, skimming, etc.), ensure the deployment angle is adequate for the conditions and improve the overall effectiveness and safety of booming operations.

When used in conjunction with our Tactical / Geographic Response Plans, permanent anchor systems will maximize containment, recovery and responder safety and minimize environmental impact, removal and restoration time and overall response cost.

Contractor Audits
ESCO's comprehensive and proprietary survey involves an initial screening, followed by on-site verification visit(s) to determine a contractor's actual response capabilities and competencies, as well as other response relevant information.

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