Oil Spill Response
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21st Century Spill Planning and Response
New Ideas. Valuable Results.

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them"
- Albert Einstein

When it comes to oil spill planning and response ESCO thinks differently - very differently. We share your risk and provide real savings in speed, protection, cost and reputation.

We are the Pioneers of New and Effective Tactics and Techniques for Oil Spill Planning and Response

Since OPA90, many spill tactics and techniques haven't worked. We show our clients how to implement proven techniques and tactics and provide real protection to communities and the environment where we live, work and play. Our client base consists of refineries, pipelines, oil storage facilities, contractors, fire departments and others.

Our unique backgrounds and perspectives, as both public and private responders, have provided us the knowledge, skill, and experience built on a deep understanding in all areas of planning and response. We understand why and where change is needed and we have the talent to implement that change.

Here are just a few innovations that ESCO has developed to help bring spill response into the 21st century

Oil Spill Response
  • Published Oil Spill Job Aids which bring math and science to spill planning and response
  • Developed multiple alternative anchor systems for booming operations
  • Developed alternative, adjustable anchoring method for various booming techniques
  • Introduced alternative equipment from other disciplines into spill response, improving the speed, effectiveness and safety of response operations
  • Adapted booming adjustment method to ensure proper boom alignment, angle and effectiveness
  • Introduced color coding rope for faster response, line deployment, ferry line, etc.
  • Much more
Last update: 2/11/2016
New Ideas, Valuable Results
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